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Anatomies: A Novella and Stories. Picador USA, 2000.

Available at, or your local independent bookstore, including Classics Books & Gifts in Trenton.

  • San Francisco Chronicle best-seller
  • Story featured in InterAct Theatre’s Writing Aloud program, Philadelphia, 2001

From “In Case of Emergency”:

            We buried Hank’s umbilical stump in the back yard, in sight of the basketball hoop, spitting distance from where the cucumbers will be. Emmy donated the box from her first pair of real earrings, and we nestled the stump on the little mattress of cotton. It was about as big as my thumb.
            Hank’s mother, Della, who was certifiably nuts but had moments of stunning lucidity, sent us the remains of Hank’s umbilical after her last visit. His dementia was pretty advanced by then, and Hank kept calling her “Morning Glory,” which was his own drag name—but we didn’t tell her that.
            Two days after Della got on the bus for Newark, a small envelope arrived Federal Express. Inside was a Ziploc bag, and inside that, the dessicated leftover of the cord that, thirty-four years earlier, had looped Della and Hank together in a perfect ecosystem. Obviously, Della was cutting her ties, shedding the apron strings and the apron, too. That package said, “He’s your responsibility now.” As if we didn’t know.

From reviews of Anatomies:

            “Anndee Hochman masterfully illustrates how the inner self informs the outer, and vice versa, in this vivid, moving, and at times painfully funny collection.”
            --Sharon Lennon, Ms. Magazine

            “Hochman deftly interweaves humor, crisp language, and evocative imagery throughout Anatomies…Her prose is arresting and beautiful.”
            --Meg Daly, The Portland Oregonian

* * *

Everyday Acts & Small Subversions: Women Reinventing Family, Community and Home. The Eighth Mountain Press, 1994.

Available at, or your local independent bookstore

  • named one of the 100 Most Important Feminist Books of the Century, Sojourner magazine
  • excerpted in college and high school anthologies

From the introduction, “Looking Out of Bounds”:
            I thought of all the families I’d tried out while growing up—brief, intense formations that bloomed with the startle of desert wildflowers. A group of sixteen-year-old poets from my summer at an arts camp. My college roommates, scattered now from New York to Raleigh to Chicago. The fourteen women who learned to frame walls with me at a week-long carpentry workshop in the Northern California woods.
            In these temporary families, I had searched to fill my cravings—for siblings, physical challenge, sex, the company of women. In each, I stretched some aspect of myself, testing. Could I be an actress? A poet? A lesbian carpenter who lived on the land?
            At thirty, I was beginning to hunt for permanence, to make decisions that would bend the rest of my life. There was much I wanted to know: how to sustain friendships that felt “like family” over time and distance. How to make choices about commitment and children. How to celebrate milestones, whom to gather at my table. How to balance tradition and invention, pull threads from my past and use them to weave a future.

From reviews of Everyday Acts & Small Subversions:

          “…In this book, Hochman redefines family in ways that are always refreshing and sometimes breathtaking.”
            --Whitney Scott, Booklist          

            “Anndee Hochman helps us to imagine the new possibilities for relationships, rituals and language that truly reflect the ways we live and love.”
            --Barbara Findlen, Ms. Magazine

Anndee Hochman


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