Anndee Hochman
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about anndee

Words link lives. Stories invite us to crawl inside another’s skin, to prowl the same old world with different eyes.

I write—national magazine and newspaper articles, personal essays, critical reviews, short stories, the occasional poem—because I am hungry for detail, the true grit of how people live, love, grieve, work and dream.

I write to chase questions: What makes a family? What sustains a community? If love arm-wrestles fear, who wins? The search for answers inevitably leads to new questions, surprises and contradictions. When I teach writing to children and adults, we are also in search—looking inside and out for the sparks of a story and the means to make them flame.

Words link lives. As a journalist, essayist, short-story writer and teacher, I use language to discover, chronicle, subvert and understand. I write, and the words change me. I go back into the glittering, broken world to listen some more.

Anndee Hochman


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